Spring 2020

ANCSTD 201: Oracles and Divination in the Ancient Mediterranean

Instructors: Rachel Love & Giovanni Bazzana

Description: This graduate seminar will focus on oracles and divination in the ancient world in their capacity as a widespread phenomenon. The course will deal with texts and material artifacts pulled from a broad range of epochs and regions across the ancient Mediterranean. We will explore the historical, literary, and artistic significance of this evidence in order to understand more adequately, for example, ancient concepts of divine-human communication, integration of divinatory practices into literatures, and authorization in religious and political discourses. This is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on developing research and communication skills across classics, religious studies, and ancient history.

Course Notes: This seminar is limited to 12 students.

Schedule: Thursdays, 3 - 5:45 p.m.

The syllabus is available here.

study rooms at the Sackler Museum
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